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Tackling Today's KYC Challenges Head-On

In an era where digital transformation accelerates at an unprecedented pace, the risks associated with cyber activities and financial crimes are more pronounced than ever. Organizations worldwide face critical challenges:

Your Global KYC Solution on Salesforce​

  1. Detection and Prevention of Foreign Malicious Cyber Activities: As digital boundaries expand, so does the risk of malicious entities exploiting services to compromise national and corporate security.
  2. Prevention of Services Being Used Against U.S. Interests: Ensuring that U.S.-based digital infrastructures are not used as tools for foreign adversarial actions is crucial for maintaining national security.
  3. Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing: Financial institutions are often on the frontline, requiring robust mechanisms to detect and prevent financial flows that fuel illegal activities.
Fast and Worldwide KYC processes

1st KYC Solution for Salesforce CRM

Experience the future of KYC and AML compliance with FlexiKYC.

Join a growing community of compliance professionals who trust FlexiKYC as their preferred compliance partner.

Transform your KYC and AML processes.
Contact us today to discover how FlexiKYC can revolutionize your compliance journey.
Ready to elevate your compliance framework? 


Scale up internationally with any legislation
Most flexible AML processes on the market
Fast onboarding and identity card verification
360° Client Risk Overview
KYB, KYC Analytics

Secured components for dynamic forms, dynamic uploads, downloads, signatures,

Easy mapping one to many in a single form for Directors, Signaters, UBO.

Point and click, no code implementation.

Checkmarx Security Review
  1. Meet global compliance regulations requirements !

  2. Exchange data with Dow Jones, Refinitiv and other providers.

  3. Fast implemention, Flexible using no code ! Automated repetitive tasks !

Open and Specialised KYC Connectors

Dow Jones KYC data provider
Creditsafe KYC and customer profile data provider KYC Data provider
Comply Advantage KYC Data provider
Made in Luxembourg

The Made in Luxembourg label is a brand created in 1984 on the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Chamber of Trades.

It is used to identify the Luxembourg origin of products and services.

The label concerns goods produced in the Grand Duchy and services provided from Luxembourg with high reliability.

Get a free FlexiKYC Demo

Play Video about Flexible Worldwide KYC for Salesforce

Hundreds of companies regulated and non-regulated industries

Graphical Shareholders' structure and sharreholders' algorithm exploration


FlexiKYC certified by Checkmarx and guarantees highest industry security levels in the world. Two-Factor Authentications, Password Policies, Login IP Ranges, Decrease Session Timeout Thresholds.


No reprogramming, tests and time, our technology is based on flexible components even for documents uploads.KYC Processes offers a variety of flexible flows which permits to adapt any requirement in a short time.

Community onboarding

Your customers is onboarded directly on the community. Fields and documents are adapted to his profile. Your customers can upload and refresh their documents directly without intervention.It increases productivity.

Secured with Checkmarx security review
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Up to productivity gain
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Flexibility through flows, new fields, custom risks process
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Multi KYC data providersAbility to choose data providers by country. No lock change data provider without changing you KYC process.
Universal connectorUse Ubiclouder template integration (Dow Jones, Worldcheck…).
Open architectureCreate your custom integration from any sources.
Separation and integration between KYC Data and CRM DataManage GDPR and Privacy Compliance, separation of concerns.
Advanced KYC Dossier with UBO, shareholders, signaters and real time progress overviewManage 360° all risks. Mannage in one view to reduce client onboarding time and ease activities planning and follow up.
Flexible forms and flexible uploadsNo programming. Adapt to each country requirements and client profiles.
Fast KYC Hits review with Kanban and approval flowManage your risks with 4 eyes control and increase KYC Matchs classification productivity by 50% to 70%.
24H/24H secured Customer Web Communities Reduce onboarding time and increase document management productivity by 20% to 30%.

FlexiKYC Standard

KYC for salesforce
90 Monthly
  • up to 9 users
  • 1 year contract

FlexiKYC International

KYC for salesforce
  • From 10 users
  • 2 years contract

FlexiKYC Enterprise

KYC for salesforce
  • From 30 users
  • 3 years contract
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